U.S. Cellular Brings Back Contracts For Customer Device Upgrades

U.S. Cellular previously allowed customers to upgrade to a subsidized device without having to sign a new two year contract, after having completed an entire two year contract with the carrier. Earlier today it was being rumored that perhaps U.S. Cellular is going to be making some changes with regards to this policy. The carrier has now confirmed that existing Belief Plan customers will now have to sign a new two year contract after completing their existing one, if they want to upgrade to a new subsidized device.

In its official statement, U.S. Cellular says that these changes will come in effect later this month. Engadget reports that July 27th is the day when this new policy gets enforced. In addition to this, the carrier will also charge a restocking fee of $35 as an update to the 15 Day Excellence Guarantee policy. If a customer returns their device within 15 days, only then they will be charged this fee. U.S. Cellular says that these changes will allow them to invest in improving their customer service. So if you’re eligible for an upgrade and wish to do so without having to sign a new contract, better do it before July 27th.

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