uniqulYeah, so it seems that security breaches are all too common these days, and when it comes to electronic payment, identity theft can throw quite a spanner in the works, too, especially when you are on the wrong end of the stick. Uniqul of Finland here might have a solution which could very well interest you – a system which actually allows you to conduct payment for online transaction using your face as a security measure.

How does it work? Well, a Uniqul tablet located at check-out stations will snap a photo of the customer as they approach, where it will take seconds for the tablet to process the biometrical data in order to locate the individual’s account within the database. This account is registered to a major credit card company, and the customer will then confirm the payment if the database sweep was clean, and press “OK”. It is tipped that this particular system will roll out in Helsinki, Finland, first, at checkout aisles and payment terminals before there is a chance of it appearing elsewhere. Apart from all major credit cards, a PayPal or Square account will also do when you register for a Uniqul account. It will cost you around $9 monthly to access the system regardless of where you are.

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