Yahoo! No, I am not letting out that cry simply because there is a very real possibility of the Internet search giant actually rolling out a robot of its own sometime down the road (you can never quite tell just what these corporations are capable of, considering how Yahoo! was on a spate of acquisitions recently), but this time around, it is just a whoop of jubilation. Uncle Bob (a.k.a. Robert Lam) has been a guru to many others who want to construct their very own humanoid robots, teaching them how to develop robots that have smooth, realistic motions, and his very own tutorial saw the design of a new and extremely affordable bipedal robot that has been called “Wahoo”.

Wahoo can walk smoothly using just a trio of servos, where it can be controlled by an Android-powered smartphone. Of course, Uncle Bob has not forgotten about iOS device owners too, as he says that an iOS version is definitely in the works as well. Apparently, Wahoo stands at around 15cm tall, and the Android-shaped body shell would be printed via a 3D printer. Half a dozen AAA batteries are hidden in the robot’s legs, and all communication is done via Bluetooth.

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