waterbeeThere is nothing quite like the march of progress – if it is headed in the right direction, that is. Well, for those who have been desktop farmers – and by this, I mean folks who have spent plenty of time seated behind a computer screen playing FarmVille when your boss thinks that you have been hard at work all day long, you might be under the impression (heck, I am sure fans of the Harvest Moon series would think of the same, too) that farmers of today get up in the wee hours of the morning to milk their cows, live in a rustic cottage home, and drive around in tractors with a border collie accompanying them. Of course, there would be a certain quarter of farmers who still do that, while others have embraced technology in order to increase their yield with the same effort.

Robots have been introduced to add more strength to everyday tasks, and even to milk cows, dust crops and perform other kinds of similar chores which were previously limited to manual labor. Irrigation, too, has a new helping hand to look forward to – in the form of the WaterBee smart irrigation and water management system. The WaterBee system is hooked to a smartphone app that would let one remotely control their irrigation installations with a smartphone, in addition to obtaining information on farm conditions, among others. It is still being developed, and so it might take some time before it is perfected.

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