watercolorbotAh, we certainly have seen the fair progression of robot technology over the years, haven’t we? In fact, it was just late yesterday evening when we talked about how the Veebot would come in handy in drawing blood from your with a far higher accuracy rate than that of a human should it make its way to hospitals eventually. Now here is a robot that dabbles more of the opposite of science, which is obviously the realm of art.

Sylvia Todd, a 12-year-old who happens to have this particular passion for robots, has come up with a robot that she has named as the WaterColorBot. The WaterColorBot happens to resemble a 3D printer from certain angles, and just as its name implies, it is capable of churning out artwork that uses watercolor paint, hence its namesake. It works this way – you hook up the WaterColorBot to your computer via USB, load the RoboPaint software, and the WaterColorBot will then “paint” whatever that you create from the software’s canvas itself. I guess there is no Ctrl-Z to get out of a messy spot here, is there?

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