No matter what time of year it is, there’s always going to be something to blow up that will test your lung’s capacity to the point where you may pass out. Party balloons, inflatable dolls and outdoor pools have left a number of people without breath for at least a couple of hours after they have been fully inflated, but the Windcatcher will soon be the answer to all of your inflating problems now that it’s being released in September.

The Windcatcher was developed by designer Ryan Frayne which allows people to inflate objects by blowing into them without requiring an air pump or the lungs of a superhero through a special valve which is used to amplify the amount of air that is blown into the inflatable object with each breath. Not only is your breath used to blow up the object, but also the air surrounding your breath. Best of all, the Windcatcher doesn’t require you to place your lips on a valve in order to blow up your object, instead, the Windcatcher is an open pocket where you can simply breathe into.

The Windcatcher is available as a pre-order for only $99, which seems to be a reasonable price if you find yourself doing a lot of inflating throughout the year, and will be shipping in September 2013.

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