World of WarcraftAs it stands players of World of Warcraft are able to purchase mounts and pets via the Blizzard store. These are purely vanity items and don’t really contribute much, if anything at all, to the game in terms of helping out with instances or raids. However if switching out of your game to your browser to purchase an item is too much of an inconvenience for you, it seems that Blizzard is exploring the idea of incorporating microtransactions withnin the game itself. According to community manager, Zarhym, this system has yet to be confirmed 100% and if it were to go live, it would only be available in certain regions.

This feature was discovered in an item in the Public Test Realm (PTR) which would grant the player a 100% XP Buff from killing monsters and completing quests, and this item had an additional line that said it would be available through an “In Game Store”. In any case like Zarhym said, it has yet to be finalized and it would probably be available only in certain regions, but what do you guys think of this move by Blizzard? Is this a move that they are hoping will reel some old players back in, or do you think it’s a feature to help entice new players to the game with items that provide 100% XP Buffs, equating to quick and easy leveling?

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