We see a lot of creative iPhone cases every single day. Case manufacturers make them with a number of different materials, some cases even offer additional battery juice. The Yellow Jacket iPhone case offers something different. It has a 650k volt stun gun that can be used for self protection. Currently the case is only available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the manufacturers say that one for the iPhone 5 is going to be released soon.

The case has a battery, which when not being used to power the stun gun, can be used to provide one full charge for your iPhone’s battery. There are two safety mechanisms that safeguard the stun gun against accidental discharge while ensuring that it is deployable in an instant when required. The case itself is one inch thick and can be purchased in white, black, pink and yellow colors. This is definitely a must have accessory for those who feel the need to always have something for self-defense on them. However, do keep in mind that there are several states and cities in the U.S. that don’t allow devices such as this, so check ahead on Yellow Jacket’s website before purchasing the case for $139.99.

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