amazon-logo-largeAccording to Bloomberg, the folks over at Amazon are currently testing out a new wireless network which would enable their customers to stay connected to the Internet. This new wireless network undergone testing in Cupertino, California, where it made use of spectrum that were controlled by satellite communications company Globalstar Inc., and this particular test was performed in a hush-hush manner simply because it was a private affair.

This just goes to show how Amazon, right now the world’s largest e-commerce company, is about to make a move beyond being just a Web destination and hardware manufacturer. It makes plenty of sense though, as staying put where you are would not serve you well in the long run – and to see Amazon take a gander at the underlying technology required to get folks hooked up to the Internet is definitely encouraging. Perhaps it could be a start of something new that competition in the same sector will see us consumers win out in the end? When approached about this private wireless network test, Amazon declined to comment on the matter. Amazon is not alone in this boat, as Google did secure its own communications capabilities after it bid for wireless spectrum and laid the foundation for high-speed, fiber-based broadband networks across 17 cities.

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