buzzyGoing to the doctor is no fun at all, unless you are the doctor yourself and clocking in for work. Bringing kids to see a doctor does take a special skill set for new parents, as seeing your little one receive an injection under the cloud of fear, pain and uncertainty is a gut-wrenching experience. Is there any other way to deliver a vaccine or medicine without having to go through the dreaded needle? Perhaps, but not always, and for the latter moments, it would be nice to have something to help calm down the child. This is where Buzzy comes in, having been invented by a mom/pediatric ER physician.

Buzzy happens to be a reusable device which is capable of blocking pain naturally through a clever combination of a therapeutic massager and ice pack. Buzzy will vibrate away to help kids cope with needle phobia, injection pain, and burning. Apart from that, Buzzy will also come in handy to work on scrapes, itching, bee stings, and splinters. Thanks to the physiology known as Gate Control, Buzzy has been realized, and when used as directed, it claims that “most needle phobic patients simply can’t feel the sharp pain of an injection.” I suppose there are some adults out there who also cannot wait to pick up the $39.95 Buzzy for themselves as soon as it hits the market this month. [Product Page]

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