Kubxlab today announced the launch of Earshots portable speakers for mobile devices. The speakers are available for purchase now from Kubxlab’s website. Earshots are said to offer high-quality stereo sound despite the fact that they are roughly the size of a shot glass, 35x33mm to be precise. The speaker system can connect to laptops, mobile phones, tablets, portable gaming devices and other gadgets through a standard 3.5mm stereo cable.

The Earshots portable stereo system consists of two speakers housed by high quality aluminum. It can be bought in red and silver finishes. Power is provided by a rechargeable battery, the USB cable shipped with the speakers charges both of them simultaneously for over five hours of playback. Portability is certainly one major selling point of Earshots. Apart from its shot glass like dimensions, the speaker system weighs roughly 40 grams. Earshots stereo speakers are available for purchase right now through Kubxlab’s website. They cost $49.95.

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