aids-sleepAIDS is a disease that has yet to see a full, 100% foolproof cure – although modern medical technology has more or less allowed someone with enough means to live a long and full life thanks to a cocktail of ever changing drugs, while an extremely small percentage of folks out there do seem to be “immune” from infection. Well, assuming someone walked beside you and shared that you could help out in the fight against AIDS without doing anything or taking up your precious time, you might think that such a request was an impossible one. However, a paradigm shift might just change your perspective, as the FightAIDS@Home happens to be a project that requires an Android-powered device – be it a smartphone or tablet, and it will be able to make use of your device’s unused computing power, allowing you to do your part while sleeping.

Of course, this would mean your smartphone or tablet would work best if it were to have a full battery charge and hooked up to Wi-Fi. This does seem to be pretty much a modern take on the SETI project, and this particular FightAIDS@Home project will run on the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing app.

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