glowing-rabbitsWe have seen our fair share of glow in the dark items in the past, where the most recent one would be this glow in the dark toilet seat which will hopefully, help the guys stay on target when they have to let loose their bladder in the middle of the night so that their other half would not have to worry about planting their rear end on some pee-stained seat. How about glow in the dark kittens coming to save the world by being an AIDS cure (which fizzled out eventually)? Well, here we are with scientists having created glow in the dark rabbits?

It sure sounds like these unique hoppers would hail from some sort of science fiction movie, but a team of University of Hawaii and Turkish researchers have somehow successfully created a litter of fluorescent green rabbits. A pair of the eight rabbits can glow a neon green color under black light, and this was made possible after injecting fluorescent jellyfish proteins into eight of the rabbit embryos, amounting to a 25% efficiency rate. The whole idea of this particular experiment is to see how injected genetic material is able to affect the litter’s biological make-up, hence green fluorescent color functioning as a marker.

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