google-keepIn this day and age, we tend to be more busy than ever before, with tons of tasks to keep up to, and it can be all too easy to forget about what lies ahead when our days are jam-packed with appointments left and right. Of course, having an organizer would go a long way in helping us figure things out, to make sure that we do not miss an appointment somewhere along the day. Good thing there is Google Keep, an app that helps remind you of important tasks as well as errands at just the right time and place.

Take for instance,Keep will play nice with Google Now in order to let you know that there is a grocery list waiting for you each time you enter your favorite grocery store, while gently reminding you on Thursday night that it is time for the trash to be taken out. To get off the right footing, choose the “Remind me” button from the bottom of any note, and select the type of reminder that you want to add. Other than that, you too, are able to add time-based reminders for a specific date and time, as well as a more general time of day including tomorrow morning. You can get the latest version of Google Keep from the Play Store.

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