kemiceWhen it comes to accessories and peripherals for your computer, there is one particular segment that you should not compromise on, and that would definitely be the keyboard – while others would say that the mouse too, should not be neglected. After all, many of us desk-bound workers these days tend to sit in front of a computer for hours on end every single day, so to make sure that you have a decent keyboard and mouse to use will greatly benefit your health in the long run, too. Here we are with the KeMice (which can be quite tricky to pronounce for sure, anyone wants to warrant a guess?), where it is a unique keyboard since it is split right down the middle.

This special kind of form factor will make life easier for those of you who find that the regular keyboard is not comfortable enough for your typing sessions, since with the KeMice, you are able to position the two halves in a manner where they resemble that of an ergonomic keyboard, and that would certainly be useful to maintain your hands and tendons’ health in the long run. Not only that, how about a truly alternative combination that will see you place your monitor between the two segments of the keyboard, although I am quite sure that doing so will require some sort of learning curve. Apart from that, the right segment of the KeMice can also double up as a mouse, with the J and K buttons functioning as the left and right mouse buttons. Not the most ergonomic mouse around, don’t you think so?

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