kirobo-spaceIn June this year, we did bring you word that Japan’s very own Kirobo robot was being prepared for a mission where no lovable and cute robot as itself has ever gone before – to the final frontier for mankind, namely space. Of course, after watching Pacific Rim, you might start to wonder whether fissures deep down in the ocean might yield lifeforms from a different galaxy. Having said that, let us take a look at what Kirobo would be up to when it is blasted all the way to space.

Having taken off from the island of Tanegashima in an unmanned rocket that was also ferrying much needed supplies for the crew onboard the International Space Station (ISS), the Kirobo robot that measures a mere 34cm in height is due to arrive at the ISS this coming August 9th. The whole idea of the Kirobo robot being there is to check out how machines are able to lend emotional support to those who have been isolated across long periods of time. Do you think that a robotic Aibo (which has been defunct for a fair number of years already) would be a better idea?

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