metal_gear_rising_revengeanceEarlier this year Konami launched Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and the good news is that if you enjoyed the game, it seems that Konami could be interested in developing a sequel for it, assuming that they aren’t secretly working on it already. If one were to hit up the official Metal Gear website, Konami points visitors to a survey where they ask visitors and gamers about what they would like to see in a possible sequel, if it were to be developed.

The survey asks questions about what players liked or disliked bout the game, the characters, the boss fights, mechanics, and more. Participants in the survey were also polled on whether they enjoyed the storyline, the humorous elements, and whether or not like liked Raiden as a character in Metal Gear franchise. It seems like a pretty extensive survey and a lot of the questions do seem like they are genuinely interested in gamer feedback to help develop a possible sequel, rather than simply asking if they enjoyed the game. There’s no telling what will come from this survey, but if you’d like offer your own input, hit up the survey and let your opinion be heard!

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