lumoback3Wearable technology is a category that looks all primed to explode across society – and I mean that in a good way, too, with a strong suspicion in my gut that Google Glass is the one which will spearhead this particular effort. According to LUMO Body Tech, a company that hails from Palo Alto, California, they have managed to come up with their very own posture monitoring technology, and over a course of time, it makes sense to introduces changes that will streamline the entire process, sporting a smaller LUMOback sensor which is even more comfortable to wear – not to mention having a longer battery life to last throughout the day.

The new LUMOback 3 will also come with a spanking new antenna, an improved exterior shell, and a belt that can stretch all the more, delivering a better fit and improved breathing for your skin that is located right below. Data will be transmitted to your smartphone so that you will be able to keep tabs on your posture readings at all times, but I am quite sure one of the best ways to correct any slouch – at least speaking from a guy’s point of view, would be to date this really hot girl, and you would be extremely conscious of your posture all the time. [Product Page]

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