As much as I enjoy a delicious meal, I have a tendency to leave some food on my plate, which would probably get me killed in some Asian countries. I’ve been told numerous times how lucky I am to have food on a plate when there are people starving all over the world, but I just can’t seem to finish my 20 oz T-Bone steak in one sitting, which ends up going to waste. Well – now there’s an app that will finally get my plate clean, and it isn’t an app that encourages you to finish food. Instead, it encourages people to allow strangers to eat their leftovers.

The app is called LeftoverSwap and the purpose of the app is to reduce food waste while also connecting people who tend to have leftovers with people who tend to only eat leftovers. If you’re a “giver,” you take a photo of your leftovers, name your meal and then upload it to the app. If you’re a “taker,” you can browse the app to see what leftovers are in your immediate area and arrange to either pick up your partially eaten meal, or even have it delivered to you.

LeftoverSwap isn’t available just yet, but it’s expected to be released very soon.

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