Tippsy UE BOOM 2Speakers for the most part tend to look pretty plain, but then again the selling point of most speakers would be their sound quality, not so much their looks. However if you’re the type that needs both form and functionality at the same time, the UE BOOM speaker doesn’t look too shabby, and now the company has announced a special limited-edition version of their portable speaker. This limited-edition model will be the “Tippsy” edition which is a character designed by South Californian artist, Jason Maloney.

The collaboration came about as the company views the UE BOOM to be a “social” device, given its portability, and Maloney’s Tippsy the Elephant can be seen in murals in city parks and artwork found in high school campuses. The limited-edition Tippsy UE BOOM speakers will be exclusive to the Apple online store and will retail at $229.99, a good $100 more compared to the regular edition, so we guess it’s up to you guys to decide if the limited-edition status and the artwork is worth the extra $100.

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