O2 Magnetic Dumbbells Offer Resistance Sans The WeightThe world of technology has certainly advanced to a point where it has proliferated to include fitness buffs as part of the equation. Check out this particular pair of O2 Magnetic Dumbbells that happen to be a concept, and I guess you could say that the primary point of rolling these out would be for artistic purposes rather than a marked increase in additional workout potential, although I would not want to detract that from its obvious fitness benefits.

The O2 Magnetic Dumbbells happen to be split into a quartet of bracelets, where you would wear one right above each elbow, while the other would be located below each one. The whole idea works this way – anyone who has ever tried to push a pair of magnets together and felt the pressure that comes as they begin to repel each other, would be able to do so with the O2 Magnetic Dumbbells, and the electromagnetic force can be adjusted via a tiny dial located on them. Do you think that the O2 Magnetic Dumbbells will actually take off as a highly portable pair of dumbbells, but without the added weight of a traditional one? The other thing is, we do hope that it will be able to create good form despite being lighter.

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