If you’re the kind of person who enjoys having a nice, cool beverage, but hate the nonsense you have to go through with ice as not only do you have to remember to prepare them, but also their ability to water down your drink, then you may be interested in Pucs. Pucs are weighted stainless steel stones designed to cool down your beverages.

Pucs will cool down your beverages, just like ice, although they won’t water down your drinks nor will they affect the flavor of your beverage. The stainless steel the Pucs are made of won’t chip, crack or rust, which is certainly a plus considering you won’t want to drink a beverage filled with rusty ice cube replacements.

The Pucs come in a hardwood casing, which are available in both Maple and Walnut, and can fit into even the most crowded of freezers. Once the Pucs are chilled, you can add them one at a time to fine tune the temperature of your beverage. Once you’re done with them, you can throw them into the dishwasher, or hand wash if you prefer, and then drop them back into their casing.

Pucs are currently available for purchase on Grand St. and would be the perfect gift for anyone who hates watered down drinks, which is pretty much anyone.

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