spongy-lampEver wondered where the expression “soft light” comes from? Have you ever seen “hard light” before? I guess it has something more to do with “harsh” than “hard”, of course. Well, soft lighting often involves nice and warm hues, and would always be nice to have if you want the right ambience to kick off a romantic dinner or tete-a-tete. Well, soft lighting also tends to come the form of lamps, but you ought to be extremely careful with these since they can be rather fragile, depending on the lamp’s manufacturer, of course. Designer Simon Frambach has decided to bring the whole soft lamp issue to a totally new level with his designated “Soft Lamp” – which happens to be a foam lamp that is not only soft enough to squeeze between gaps or even use as a soft pillow, but also sports a light bulb inside.

Of course, you might wonder whether the Soft Lamp’s light bulb within will be extremely vulnerable with all the squishing going around, but fret not – the very same light bulb that gives of a nice hue when darkness falls is stashed away in a cage, so that it does not end up broken or squeezed, even when you use it as a head rest.

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