earpod-hackWhile Apple’s bundled earphones that comes with iPhones and iPods are actually pretty decent if one weren’t too fussy, one of the major problems that owners are experiencing would be how these earphones have the tendency to keep slipping out of their ears. For some who are lucky, the earphones fit perfectly, although based on the majority of complaints, there are many who find it annoying that they have to keep adjusting their earphones to make it stay in place.

Thanks to the folks at Ohm Industrial Design whose founders were a little fed-up of their Apple earphones dropping out of their ears, they have cooked up a small piece of plastic that when attached to the earphones, should help keep it in placed. The attachment is called Sprng and it’s basically a small plastic clip that attaches to each side of the earphone, and helps hold them in place in your ear (as pictured above).

According to the designers at Ohm, “With all the millions of ear pods that Apple gives away with their products, it would be a shame if people did not use them because they fall out.” In any case the Sprng attachments can be had for $10 and will be available for purchase via Ohm’s website, although it should be noted that they are only compatible with the new earpods, and not the older models.

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