While the average smartphone user might not feel the need to measure wind speed on a daily basis, there are enthusiasts who go paragliding or kitesurfing, and for them it is imperative to know just how windy the conditions are going to be. One could rely on weather apps for this information, but what if there’s no reliable data connection to get the latest update? Wind meters are easily available, but most of them can’t be used with your smartphone. This void is filled by Vaavud, a new wireless wind meter that has become available for sale today on

There are no electronics involved in Vaavud. It works with iOS and Android smartphone, allowing users to measure wind speed for a specific location through their device. The meter’s reading can be shared online or readings posted by other users can be viewed on an online map. Vaavud is water, sand and dirt resistant while being able to measure wind speeds of up to 25 metres per second. It connects wirelessly to the device because to two small magnets placed in the rotor. When the rotors rotate, the device’s built in magnetic field sensor senses that and converts those rotations in wind speeds using algorithms normally used for sound processing. Vaavud has been calibrated and tested at a wind tunnel at the Technical University of Denmark. Available for $44.99, Vaavud works with all iOS devices as well as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3.

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