amazon-japan-goats-1Earlier today, we did bring you a rumor that Amazon might actually be working to roll out a new smartphone for its customers, and that this particular communications device would be considered as a “free” item for them. The whole idea of an Amazon phone which does not cost you a single cent is definitely titillating, but as usual, the adage of “if something is too good to be true, it probably is” holds up here yet again. Originally, it was rumored that this free Amazon handset would most probably be tied in to your Amazon Prime account, and it has been further suggested along the way that Amazon’s free phone could very well be a disruptive tool in the smartphone market, not to mention ushering in the possibility of a mobile-first e-commerce play.

Well, all hopes and dreams of a free Amazon phone has evaporated like dew in the morning sun after former WSJ reporters Amir Efrati and Jessica Lessin reported otherwise, this having had a conversation with a spokesperson for Amazon. They mentioned, “A spokesman for Inc. said Sunday the online retail giant won’t launch a smartphone this year, and that if it did launch one in the future, it “would not be free.””. There you go! There is no free lunch, and free phone, in this world.

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