Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 7.53.01 AMiOS 7 is expected to see a release on the 18th of September and for those who use the iCloud website frequently, you might have realized that today the website is looking a little different from before. As pictured in the screenshot above, the new iCloud website has been redesigned to reflect the new iOS 7’s theme. The icons have been changed to match the icons on iOS 7, with the exception of the iWork for iCloud icons that still remain the same from before. Gone too are the skeumorphic designs and the website basically feels like a larger version of iOS 7 and even comes with an animated background that will also come preinstalled with iOS 7 devices.

Presumably the iWork for iCloud icons will get a makeover when the apps have been updated, but for now they are admittedly rather out of place compared to the flatter and more pastel-colored icons. What do you guys make of the new iCloud website? Did you prefer this design over the previous one?

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