New Malware Discovered, Can Steal Data From Both iOS And iCloud Accounts

Law enforcement agencies have been trying to find a way to get into Apple’s products, such as their iOS devices and iCloud. This is because they believe that some suspects could be hiding evidence on their devices, but unfortunately due to the way Apple has created their products, it is rather difficult for law enforcement to get in.

Apple Has A New iCloud App For Windows Users

For the most part, it feels that whenever Apple releases software for Windows, it’s more about just releasing it for the sake of it, where they begrudgingly admit that not all iOS users necessarily use Macs. If you’ve ever tried accessing your iCloud drive on a Windows computer, you know that this experience is vastly different compared to using it on a Mac.

How To Manage iCloud Storage

Apple’s iCloud makes for a pretty decent backup service for your macOS and iOS devices, but it is not unlimited and as such, you might eventually find yourself running low on space. You can check out our guide if you’d like to learn how to better manage your iCloud storage.

Court Orders Apple Give Man Access To His Dead Husband’s iCloud Photos

We’re sure that there are many who are probably what will happen to our online accounts and services when we die. Can you legally pass it onto a relative? How does one go about closing that account? And things like that. That’s something that Nicholas Scandalios has been trying to figure out when he tried to access his husband’s iCloud Photos.


It’s 2019 And We Have A New iCloud Phishing Attempt

If one of your wishes for 2019 was for less hacks, it seems like the year might already be off to a bad start. According to a report from Apple World Today, it seems that on the 1st of January, 2019, a new iCloud phishing attempt had started to make its rounds already, where like pretty much all phishing attempts, tries to trick the user into handing over confidential information.

iCloud For Windows Update Fixes Incompatibility Issues

Last week you guys might recall that following an update to Windows 10, those who installed iCloud on their computers were running into compatibility issues. The good news is that if you’re someone who relies pretty heavily on iCloud on their Windows computer to access their files, then you might want to update iCloud ASAP.

Microsoft & Apple Working To Resolve iCloud For Windows Compatibility

While Apple would no doubt love for you to access iCloud on its Mac computers, the company is aware that there are many Apple customers who might not necessarily own a Mac computer, which is why some services and software such as iTunes and iCloud are also accessible on a Windows computer.

Security Expert Casts Doubt On Apple China Spy Chip Story

Last week there was a report from Bloomberg claiming that China had slipped spy chips into Apple’s iCloud servers, a story that Apple has refuted multiple times not only to the public, but in a letter to the US Congress as well. So far intelligence agencies seem to agree with Apple’s denials, although Bloomberg is sticking to their story, claiming that they have multiple sources who all them the same […]

Apple Denies China Slipped Spy Chips Into Its iCloud Servers

Countries like China have gotten a bad rep over the years as a country that likes to spy on others. For example we have seen instances where Chinese companies have been accused of making hardware that could allow them to spy on US citizens. Now a recent report has revealed that China might have planted “spy chips” inside of Apple’s iCloud server hardware.

Apple Offering Free First Month iCloud Storage To Non-Subscribers

Just like with Google Drive and Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud storage service offers its users a small amount of free storage if they choose to use it. In the case of iCloud, Apple offers its users 5GB, which honestly isn’t enough if you’re looking to backup things like photos and videos. Users who want more will have to pay a monthly subscription for it.

Apple Announces That Students Will Get 200GB iCloud Storage For Free

In a bid to get more schools and educational institutions to use their products and services, Apple recently held and education event in which they unveiled a new and affordable iPad with Apple Pencil support which will be priced at $299 for schools. However in addition to this, Apple also announced free iCloud storage for students.

iCloud Encryption Keys In China Will Be Stored On Local Servers

Apple typically makes a big deal about protecting their customers’ privacy, but the company’s latest move in China is definitely raising some eyebrows. This is because in a report from Reuters, Apple has confirmed that they are moving iCloud data to local servers that will be stored in China.

iCloud Single Sign-On Solution Might Arrive With iOS 11.3

It appears that Apple wants your iCloud account to double as a single sign-on solution meaning that you will no longer have to log into the websites you use frequently one at a time. New code has been discovered in the iOS 11.3 beta which suggests that the iCloud single sign-on feature might debut with this firmware update.The iOS 11.3 beta has already made a couple of revelations about what […]

Apple Transferring Chinese iCloud Operations To Local Firm Next Month

Apple announced last year that it would transfer its Chinese iCloud operations to a local firm to comply with the country’s new cybersecurity laws. It opened a new data center in China with a local Chinese data management firm. The new data center enables it to comply with China’s new regulations and also improve the speed of Apple’s cloud services in the region. Apple has now confirmed that the switchover […]