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Five Years Later And iCloud Calendar Spam Is Still Affecting Users
You can easily add events to your iCloud Calendar through Safari. This is useful if you want to keep track of events that you want to attend or be reminded about, but this ease of use is what is leading to some people abusing the system, resulting in users finding their iCloud Calendars filled with spam events.

Apple Could Be Looking To Take On Amazon, Google, Microsoft In The Cloud
Apple’s cloud services right now are pretty straightforward with iCloud. It’s a service that lets you backup your data from your Apple devices to the cloud and syncs them across your other Apple devices, but that’s pretty much it. However, the company could have even grander ambitions that could see them attempt to challenge the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

iCloud Mail For The Web Gets A More Modern Makeover
Email services like Gmail and Yahoo are pretty popular and already have their own web interfaces. However, if you do use iCloud Mail and feel that its UI could stand to be improved upon, you’re in luck. This is because according to reports, Apple has started to test out a brand new interface iCloud Mail on the web.

iCloud+ Will Let iCloud Mail Users Personalize Email Domain Names
If you use a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo or even Apple’s iCloud, the only personalization you get is the front of the email, but otherwise at the back it will be the same as everyone else. However, it seems that if you’re going to be an iCloud+ subscriber, Apple will actually allow you to personalize your email domain name.


iCloud+’s Private Relay Won’t Be Available In Some Countries
At WWDC 2021, Apple introduced iCloud+. This is a new feature for paid iCloud subscribers that adds new privacy tools like Private Relay which acts kind of like a VPN (which Apple insists that it is not). However, it seems that the feature won’t be available in some countries around the world.

Apple Introduces iCloud+ With New Privacy Features
Pretty much anyone with an Apple ID gets a free iCloud account that comes with 5GB of storage. Obviously Apple would prefer if you upgraded to their paid storage options, and they have decided to make it a bit more enticing by announcing a new premium feature for paid iCloud subscribers called iCloud+.

iCloud User Locked Out Of Her Account Because Of Her Last Name
The names given to us are simply that, a name. Sometimes they do have a deeper meaning, sometimes they don’t, but unfortunately for some, their names could have unintended consequences. Take for example an iCloud user by the name of Rachel True, who for the past six months was locked out of her iCloud account due to her last name.

Apple Launches A Tool That Transfer iCloud Photos To Google Photos
Usually companies like Apple or Google create tools that make it easier for users to migrate from a competing platform over onto theirs. However, interestingly enough, it seems that Apple has gone the other direction. The company has recently launched a new tool that will help iCloud users transfer their photos and videos over to Google Photos.

Apple Pulls iCloud 12 Update For Windows
Yesterday, we reported that after a premature announcement, Apple had finally released the latest version of iCloud for Windows. With this update, Apple brought its iCloud Keychain feature to Google Chrome where it could now be used as an extension of the browser to help users fill in passwords for logins that were previously saved in iCloud.

iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension Now Available
Last week, it was prematurely revealed that Apple was working on a Chrome extension for iCloud passwords. The good news is that if you were interested in checking it out, the extension has since been released and is available for download from Google’s Chrome Web Store where other extensions are usually available from.

Apple Is Releasing An iCloud Password Manager Extension For Chrome
Apple has their own password manager in the form of iCloud keychain. This allows iOS and macOS users to store login credentials on their devices so that it can be used to fill in forms and log into apps. However, it is more or less exclusive to Apple’s products, but that is expected to change soon.

FTC Warns Of New Robocall Scam Targeting Apple And Amazon Users
Phishing attacks and scam calls aren’t new, but given that scammers are trying all kinds of ways to sound more convincing than ever, it’s not surprising that people still fall for them these days even though such scams are well-documented. That being said, it seems that a new robocall scam is making its rounds, this time seemingly targeting Apple and Amazon users.

Apple One Subscribers Can Now Get Up To 4TB Of iCloud Storage
Over the years, our collection of photos and videos grow, and with each passing smartphone model, file sizes only get larger as our phones are becoming better at taking higher-resolution photos and videos. This means that if you rely on cloud storage like iCloud to backup and sync your photos, you could very quickly run out of storage.

Apple One Brings All Of Apple’s Subscription Services Together
As per the rumors, Apple is said to have been working on creating a subscription bundle that combines various services together in more affordable packages. Dubbed the Apple One, that services bundle has since been officially confirmed where there will be several different plans for users to choose from.

More Evidence Surfaces Of ‘Apple One’ Services Bundle
Word on the street has it that Apple is readying a new services bundle called “Apple One”. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but thanks to a new domain registration, it seems that the company has registered for a “” domain name. While we doubt that Apple will be using the domain, they probably did so to protect the branding and to prevent cyber squatters and […]

How To Backup Your Mac
There comes a point in everyone’s life where their computers fail. This is why having a backup is so crucial, so if you own a Mac and would love to keep your computer backed up, read on to find out.

‘Apple One’ Subscription Bundle Could Be In The Works
Apple has various subscription services under its belt at the moment. However, all these subscriptions are sold separately, which when added together can be rather pricey, but it seems that Apple is hoping to take out some of that bite with a subscription bundle that could combine various services together at a cheaper rate.

Apple Dropped Its Plan To Encrypt iCloud Backups After FBI Complained
Apple is always known to actively defend users’ privacy – no matter whether it is a court order.However, amidst all the chaos and FBI’s pressure, Apple seems to be dropping its plan to encrypt the backups in iCloud as reported by Reuters.To enhance users’ privacy on the cloud, Apple had plans to introduce encrypted iCloud backups for the customers. However, the FBI complained that the move will harm crucial investigations.Hence, […]

Apple Is Now Scanning Uploaded iCloud Photos To Check For Child Abuse
If people who think that uploading their illicit photos to the cloud and assume that its contents are private, think again, especially if you’re an iCloud user. This is because during CES 2020, Apple’s chief privacy officer Jane Horvath revealed that the company is scanning photos uploaded to iCloud to look for cases of child abuse.

iTunes Exploit Allows Hackers To Install Ransomware On Your PC
If you’re using iTunes on your Windows PC, then you might want to update to the latest version ASAP. This is because according to recent findings by security firm Morphisec, it seems that they have discovered a zero-day vulnerability in iTunes for Windows which if exploited, would have allowed an attacker to install ransomware on your PC through the software.