warningDuring the beta of iOS 7, it was discovered that Apple started prompting users that their Lightning cable might not be the official product if it really was the case, but the message was merely a warning and the cable could still be used. However with the release of iOS 7, it seems that Apple has decided to outright block unauthorized Lightning cables as you can see in the screenshot above which was posted on Reddit. Authorized Lightning cables have chips embedded in them that identify them as authorized products, which might explain why they might be more expensive than the unauthorized ones.

While this is bad news for those who own unofficial cables, there is a work around although which you can try for yourself via the instructions found on Reddit. We’re not sure why Apple has decided to turn the warning message into an outright block, but perhaps it might have something to do with the recent bout of electrocutions that have taken place as a result of using unofficial products. Granted it was probably the charger that was at fault, but we guess Apple could have decided to be safe rather than sorry.

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