iphone5s-fingerprint-nfcA couple of days ago we reported that a report had made its way out of China where a woman had apparently electrocuted herself while using her iPhone 5 while it was charging. While it certainly is pretty tragic and with Apple claiming they would investigate the issue, perhaps the fault might not have been with Apple. According to a new report by CCTV, a fake iPhone charger might be the one to blame. Due to unofficial or unauthorized products being cheaper than the real deal, cutting corners is sometimes not that common and according to Xiang Ligang, a telecommunications expert who was interviewed, the quality of the capacitor and circuit protector might not have been of good quality which led to the fatality.

Assuming that this really is the case, we guess that Apple has a good reason to warn users via iOS warnings that the charger they are using is not the genuine article, simply because it could lead to situation such as this. Apple has yet to present their findings, but either way regardless whether the fault lies with Apple or the fake charger, it certainly is a tragic story.

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