cat-spaceHmmm, is it me, or is Iran getting more and more progressive? First, we heard that the government in that part of the world has already unblocked Twitter as well as Facebook, and now there are whispers from IRNA, Iran’s official news agency, which tout that Iran intends to send a Persian cat into space. In the past, Iran allegedly did send a monkey into orbit, although there were doubts which were raised after photos from that mission hit the Internet. Iran maintains that said monkey made it to space and back to earth safe and sound, the media touted different monkeys prior to and after the mission. Ah well, assuming the worst happened to that monkey in the name of science, we do hope that the Iranian scientists’ plans to fire a Persian cat into space via a liquid-fueled rocket will not suffer a similar fate.

We do wonder how the cat will feel like when floating around in zero gravity, but should said cat actually be selected for such a mission, it would join the distinguished ranks of 2 other cats who were launched in a rocket before – one in 1963, the other afterwards. Since a cat has proverbially nine lives, we do wish this kitty all the best of luck as it embarks to space in March next year.

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