gaming-manThere are two different groups of gamers out there – one, who happen to be casual gamers, and the other, hardcore gamers who wish that they could be paid a handsome amount of money to game. Earning a living while doing what you love best is the dream of many, I guess. This particular Japanese dude, who is better known by his gaming handle Moru-chan, is currently living out that dream. The happily married Moru-chan has the full support of his wife, as he spends around 12 hours daily to play an online fantasy role playing game known as ArcheAge. His “salary” is sponsored by ArcheAge’s project management team, who has sponsored approximately $10,043 after conversion for three months’ worth of playing time.

Every single moment of his online game play will be streamed live to Niconico every night, but do bear in mind that it might sound idealistic at the beginning, three months might be a wee bit too much ArcheAge, or any other game, for anyone since there is a severe lack of privacy as well as limited opportunities to get out of the house to take into consideration for some of us. Basically, Moru-chan wakes up at noon, plays games from 3pm onward until 6am the next morning – spaced by having meals and updating his blog in between. Would you like to be in the shoes of Moru-chan?

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