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Lenovo Flex 20 All-In-One PC

lenovo flex 20 AIO 04 640x359Lenovo is coming up with a new all-in-one PC called Flex 20. At first glance, it looks like a smaller version of the IdeaCentre Horizon 27, but the Flex 20 design is much thinner and lighter, even if you take the size difference into account. The Flex 20 can be used as a regular home computer, but its internal battery allows it to be moved around, untethered to a power outlet for about three hours.

The 19.5” IPS display (1600×900) is multi-touch and the stand lets users interact with the Flex 20 in a stand up, reclined or completely flat positions. When in flat (or “table”) position, it is possible to use little tactile joystick that come with the computer. They are handy to play with tactile games like Air Hockey and Raiding Company, two titles from Lenovo partner Ubisoft.

In terms of industrial design, the front is all screen, while the back and sides are aluminum. As you can see in the photo gallery, the back is uncluttered and the stand can be completely hidden when not in use (that’s handy for transport too!)

In terms of specifications, buyers can choose a CPU that goes “up to Core i7” with integrated graphics. 500GB of disk storage is the maximum available (a hybrid HDD with 8GB SSD cache is available too) but 8GB of RAM is possible if you need that much memory. Finally, there is a 720p webcam in the front for those Skype sessions. Here is a list:

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