Earlier this month a slightly different Google logo was leaked, it was as they say, “flat.” Today Google has announced that it has indeed rolled out a new logo, its not a radical redesign by any margin, they’ve made it flat and refined the color palette as well as the letter shapes. The new logo is now live on the search giant’s homepage, Google says that it will roll out the logo across more products and services over the next few weeks. That’s not the only visual change that has been made, the black navigation bar has been revamped so as to offer a more streamlined experience across all products and services.


Instead of the navigation bar that contained links to Google products, there’s now a new app launcher which can be found on the top right of the screen. Its quite similar to the app grid seen on Android devices and Chromebooks. From here, any Google product that you use can be accessed. Even if you don’t immediately see the changes, be assured that they will appear soon. Google’s logo is iconic and easily recognizable, a radical change would may entail massive rebranding, so even if it won’t look different to the unassuming eye, its been refreshed nonetheless.

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