james-bartenderAre robots taking over the world? Well, the answer might be yes, although to have the kind of robots that we have seen in Will Smith’s I, Robot, is still a far fetched scenario, but we are definitely not going to deny that such a thing can happen down the road. However, if there is one domain that robots might creep in slowly but surely, it would be the role of a bartender. “James” is a robot that has been designed to be a bartender, and chances are it will be one of the most fair and attentive mixologist whom you will ever come across.

James was not named so just out of fun, but rather, his name is an acronym for “Joint Action in Multimodal Embodied Systems”. This means James was designed to have a low tolerance for those who are impatient and want to force their way to the head of the line for some drinks, and he is also able to deliver an equal pour without taking into consideration a flaw in some human relationships – favoritism. James will be able to draw from his “experience pool” thanks to surveillance footage that hails from bars in Scotland and Germany which are then fed into its memory banks. Such data lets James to pick out customers who want its attention, and James was also programmed to carry out small talk when prompted.

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