smartlidHave you ever carried a cup of hot coffee and in a moment of forgetfulness, scald yourself simply because you forgot just how hot the cup’s contents was when you decided to take a sip? Well, perhaps we need more “smart” products to hit the market, and I guess you can say that the Smart Lid is one of them. We did talk about something like this half a dozen years ago, but here we are with a refined version, and a far better looking model, of course. The Smart Lid this time around would still come across as a disposable lid that delivers a visual indicator for hot drinks. How so, you ask? Well, it will turn into a bright red when the contents happen to raise the mercury to higher than 120°F (48°C).

This would definitely go some way in helping drinkers avoid unnecessary mouth and hand burns, and whenever the drink’s temperature starts to cool down, showing you that it is safe to consume. Of course, some of us, out of habit, would still prefer to take sips of a piping hot drink, and hence be more careful whenever we see a red colored lid. The Smart Lid is the brainchild of a food service packaging development and manufacturing company that is based in Sydney, Australia, where a pack of 40 lids and cups will set you back by $29.95 a pop.

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