sony-nex-7We have been hearing rumors that Sony could be looking to launch a successor to the NEX-7 mirrorless camera, although we were under the impression that the device could be known as the Sony NEX-7n. However according to a recent post by New York fashion photographer, Clayton Nelson, the device could be known as the NEX-7r instead. This is according to a series of photos that Nelson uploaded onto his Facebook page claiming that the photos were taken by said device. The photos have since been removed (it has been speculated that Sony allowed Nelson to upload the photos to create some suspense), but according to Nelson who wrote at that time, the photos were taken “with the Sony NEX-7R, a new prototype APS sensor digital camera.”

Nelson also added, “These cameras are far beyond playthings. I believe that they can be utilized as substantial tools in an artistic format. They are certainly not toys…” Unfortunately at this point in time we can’t tell what sort of specs we are looking at here, or what the overall camera design would look like (presumably similar to the NEX-7 albeit with some minor changes), so we guess we will just have to wait and see what Sony has in store for us during the official reveal. It has been speculated that Sony could take the PhotoPlus Expo has a launching ground for their full-frame NEX camera, so perhaps the NEX-7r could be unveiled then as well.

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