Sony is gearing up to release its portable gaming gadget, the PlayStation Portal, later this year. The handheld device will allow users to stream their favorite PS5 games through Wi-Fi, boasting an 8-inches LCD screen with a 1080p resolution running at 60 fps.

According to Hideaki Nishino, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Senior VP of Platform Experience, the PlayStation Portal will sync up with the PS5 remotely over Wi-Fi — So, whether you’re in the middle of a game on your PS5 or on the go, you can dive into supported games stored on your PS5 and enjoy them using the DualSense controller.

The controllers on the PlayStation Portal look strikingly similar to the DualSense controllers for the PS5, complete with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, probably giving users a similar experience to using the regular DualSense controller.

The gadget can also be used for media playback, but it’s important to remember that it relies on Wi-Fi for everything – Yup, apparently there’s no “local play” possibility whatsoever.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a must

Despite the coolness, the device won’t work with Sony’s upcoming cloud streaming service for PS5 games. In simple terms, the PlayStation Portal is designed to stream PS5 games you already have on your PS5 to the handheld for on-the-go gaming. You’ll need a Wi-Fi connection of at least 5Mbps, but Sony suggests 15Mbps for the best results.

In a brief test done by IGN with the console, no noticeable lag was reported, which is something extremely important since streaming games over Wi-Fi can sometimes be iffy.

No Bluetooth Support?

In terms of audio, the PlayStation Portal doesn’t support Bluetooth, so you can’t use wireless headphones or Sony’s Pulse 3D headset. Instead, it employs PlayStation Link wireless tech, promising low latency and high-quality audio. Sony is even dropping a wireless headset and earbuds that’ll support PlayStation Link.

This new audio gear can connect to a PS5 through a USB adapter. Considering rumors of a PS5 “Slim” in the pipeline, it’s possible that PlayStation Link will become a standard feature in future PS5 models. Third-party devices can also get in on the action. Wired audio fans will appreciate the 3.5mm headphone jack on the PlayStation Portal.

The specifics about the PlayStation Portal’s battery life are still a mystery, but Sony aims for something comparable to the DualSense controller’s seven to nine hours.

Availability and Price

Formerly known as Project Q, the PlayStation Portal doesn’t yet have a real release date but rumores suggest it might be dropped in November. For now, the price tag stands at $199.99.

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