sony-a77Sony seems to be hard at work creating new mirrorless cameras these days, and as far as their A-mount cameras are concerned, there aren’t many announcements on that front. This has led to some wondering about the fate of Sony’s A-mount cameras and if the mirrorless E-mount cameras would eventually replace them. Given that Sony has created E-mount cameras designed to look like A-mounts, we guess we can’t really blame photographers for being concerned. Well the good news is that according to a Sony Alpha Rumors reader who reached out to Sony regarding the future of A-mount, their response appears to be good and basically reassured them that the new E-mounts will not replace the A-mount system.

According to Sony’s response, “The A-mount units have always been the flagship ever since the release of the very first Sony Alpha camera. Much like the Single Lens Translucent (SLT) technology, the E-mount system is an innovation, introduced to further expand our interchangeable lens line, and in no way a replacement for the A-mount system. Rest assured that we will further develop the A-mount system together with the E-mount, introducing new technology and upgrading features.” So there you have it. Photographers can rest assured knowing their investment in Sony’s A-mount cameras and lenses will not be a waste.

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