Based on previous reports and rumors, we know that Sony is working on a camera known as the A3000, or ILC-3000 depending on which market you are in. The camera is rumored to be an E-mount camera with its main selling point being its price, which last we heard was rumored to cost a somewhat affordable £300 for the body-only. Another feature of the camera is that instead of taking the design route of the NEX series of E-mount cameras, Sony has instead been rumored to choose a more SLT-like design, except that it will be E-mount compatible.

Thanks to a recently leaked photo, we now have an idea of what the upcoming A3000 might look like. True enough based on this leaked photo, it definitely looks like one of Sony’s SLT cameras, except that it will support E-mount lenses. Of course there’s no telling if this image is real, so do take it with a grain of salt for now. Some of the rumored specs of the camera includes a 20MP sensor, and a 230K resolution LCD display, and an ISO range of up to 16,000. While it does look like an SLT camera, it is actually pretty small as additional photos have surfaced on the Dyxum forums that shows off its size.

No word on when Sony will announce the A3000, but the August/September timeframe  seems to be what the rumors are saying for now.

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