Sony-NEX-5T-05One of the great things about having WiFi-enabled cameras is that it allows photographers to transfer their photos or videos onto their mobile devices wirelessly without having to continuously plug in and remove a cable for transfer. At the same time given how many of us own a smartphone these days, we’re sure there are photographers out there who feel that the apps used in wireless transfers could be better, and hopefully with Sony releasing the API for a number of their cameras, developers will be able to come up with some creative and useful ideas for future apps.

At the moment only 8 Sony cameras are compatible with the Camera Remote API beta that Sony has released. This includes the NEX-6, NEX-5R, NEX-5T, DSC-QX100, DSC-QX10, and the HDR-MV1, along with two more Action Cam models. Sony is expected to add more cameras to the supported list in the future, but for now those are the 8 models that developers will be able to work with.  We’re not sure what sort of apps developers will be able to cook up, but features such as Photo Uploaders and Time Lapse Control are some of the features suggested by Sony.

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