Amazon Takes A Swing At Apples New iPad AirApple officially announced the iPad Air at yesterday’s event and while the tablet is thinner, it is relatively heavy at 1 pound, at least when compared to other tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX which weighs in slightly less at 0.82 pounds, although in all fairness the tablet is smaller compared to Apple’s recently announced tablet. However that has not stopped the company from taking a swing at Apple’s recent announcement by releasing an ad (pictured above) where the tagline reads, “Lighter than Air”, which we can only assume is referring to Apple’s iPad Air.

While it’s hardly a fair comparison, given that hardware and operating system of either tablet is different, we guess it’s still pretty clever. Amazon’s has had a pretty decent amount of success with their Kindle Fire Android tablets and we expect that success to continue with the Kindle Fire HDX, but at the same time it would be interesting to see what sort of numbers both Amazon and Apple will release regarding the sales of either tablet, but what do you guys think? Will Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX beat out Apple’s iPad Air?

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