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Walmart Lists iPad Air’s Release Date For Next Week
When Apple announced the iPad Air, they did not mention when it would be released. A rumor earlier this week suggested that Apple might announce something at its iPhone 12 event, but that obviously did not pan out. However, it seems that we might now have a release date to look forward to.

iPad Air Release Date Could Be Revealed This Tuesday
Last month, Apple announced their latest iPad Air. Apart from confirming the specs and the price, the company stopped short of mentioning when it would be available, which is a bit odd since Apple typically makes their products available about a week or two after it has been announced.

Apple Is Really Proud Of The iPad Air’s Touch ID Integration In The Power Button
Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad have existed pretty much in the physical home button, but with the latest iPad Air removing the home button, Apple decided to integrate Touch ID into the power button located at the top corner of the tablet. It seemed like a logical placement, but one that Apple seems to be really proud of.

Logitech Unveils New Folio Touch Keyboard For The New iPad Air
The other day, Apple officially announced its new iPad Air which not only comes with a brand new design, but also the use of the A14 chipset that will also find its way to the iPhone 12 later this year. If you’re looking for a potential laptop replacement, you might be interested to check out Logitech’s latest offering.


Apple’s New iPad Air Comes With The New A14 Bionic Chipset
In the past, Apple typically reserves its new chipsets for its iPhones, where they then follow-up with a variant of that chipset designed for the iPad. This year, Apple seems to have taken a different approach because the company’s latest iPad Air has been announced where it will feature the brand new A14 Bionic chipset ahead of the iPhone 12.

Apple’s Upcoming iPad Air Pricing Might Be A Pleasant Surprise
Apple’s products over the years have mostly seen price increases with every release, or at the very least, it is kept the same. However, there is some potential good news on that front because according to a report from DigiTimes, it seems that Apple could be employing their iPhone SE strategy to an upcoming iPad Air tablet.

New iMac, Larger iPad Air And iPad Mini To Launch In Second Half Of 2020
According to the latest rumors, it has been suggested that Apple could announce a newly redesigned iMac at WWDC 2020. It turns out that Apple could potentially announce more than that, at least that’s according to a report from DigiTimes (paywall) which claims that Apple could launch a bunch of new products in the second half of 2020.

Next iPad Air Could Be Getting A USB-C Upgrade
As it stands, Apple’s iPad Pro is the only iOS device that comes with a USB-C port. However, that could change soon because according to new reports, it appears that Apple could be making the change to the iPad Air lineup as well, where the tablets could be upgraded to USB-C in their next refresh.

iPad Air 3 Blank Screen Repair Program Announced
From time to time, our hardware fails. This is generally-speaking rather normal, all things considered, but sometimes these hardware failures don’t happen because of wear and tear, but it could be due to faulty components that cause them to malfunction earlier than they should.

How To Screenshot Your iPad Or iPad Pro
Taking a screenshot can be useful if you’re trying to show someone something on your iPad, such as a website, an app, or if you’re trying to save screenshots of a bank transaction to use as a receipt, funny conversations, or if you want to save some screenshots of an app you’re developing.

Apple Pencil Can’t Charge Inductively With The New iPads
Apple recently launched some new iPad models. This included a 10.5-inch iPad Air and a 7.9-inch iPad mini. These are designed to be Apple’s new lower-end iPads, but despite that, they also came with support for the Apple Pencil which had more or less been an exclusive to the iPad Pro.

Old iPad Cases Won’t Fit Apple’s New iPad Air And iPad Mini
Apple recently launched their new iPads in the form of the 10.5-inch iPad Air and the iPad mini. For those who are planning to get the new iPads and are thinking that maybe some of your older iPad cases can still fit (like the iPad mini), think again. According to AppleInsider, it seems that the new iPads won’t play nice with existing cases.

Apple's New 10.5-inch iPad Air, 7.9-inch iPad Mini Officially Announced
It has been rumored for a while now that Apple could have a bunch of new iPads in the works. These aren’t the iPad Pros which were only recently refreshed last year, but rather the rumors are claiming that these are actually the budget iPads which could be launched in new 10.2-inch and 10.5-inch options.

New 10.9 Inch iPad Might Be Bezel-Less
Apple hasn’t updated its tablets in quite some time now which is why the rumor mill is abuzz with speculation about the company’s upcoming tablets. Apple is expected to launch a couple of new iPads at an event in March even though nothing has been officially confirmed as yet. The 10.9 inch iPad is expected to be bezel-less and it might even be of the same thickness as the iPad […]

Apple Confirms March 21 Event
For the past few months, it has been rumored that Apple is going to conduct an event in March to unveil some new products. We don’t know for sure what the company is going to announce at this event but we now know that it’s definitely conducting an event this month. Apple has confirmed its March 21st event and has started sending out invites to the press. “Let us loop […]

March 18th Could See iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 Go On Sale
It looks like folks who are looking forward to a couple of new offerings from Apple – in particular the 4” iPhone 5se as well as the iPad Air 3, will skip on the pre-order period, as a report claims that both of these devices will be unveiled this coming March 15th (which is in line with previous rumors), and will be made available for purchase three days down the […]

Gamevice For The iPhone & iPad Air Announced
Playing games like Fruit Ninja on a smartphone works great because it takes advantage of the device’s touchscreen display. Playing other kinds of games like racing games or arcade fighters is a different story. While entirely possible, the use of onscreen buttons and directional buttons makes it a bit finicky to play at best.Now if you’re a huge gamer of such games, you might be interested to learn that Gamevice […]

Rumor: No New iPad Air 3 This Year
Since we live in a world where some things can be read between the lines, then here is a wee bit of information that might just make you sit up and take notice. Apparently, a new report that hails from Digitimes do seem to “say” – indirectly, of course, that there will be no iPad Air 3 released from Apple this year. Digitimes has had its fair share of hits […]

Rumor: Next iPad Mini Could Be The Last One
We expect that later this year, Apple will announce new refreshes to its iPad lineup. This includes the introduction to the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro, as well as refreshes to the iPad Air and iPad mini tablets. However according to a new rumor, it has been suggested that this year we might not be treated to a new iPad Air.Also the rumors claim that this year’s iPad mini refresh could […]

Apple Lucky Bag Event For Japan Kicks Off January 2nd
Each year Apple conducts a special retail store event for people who are based in Japan. The event actually stems from the tradition known as Fukubukuro where retailers will fill a bag with mysterious products and sell that bag for a lot less than the original price, customers only get to know what’s inside the bag once they’ve purchased it. Apple follows this tradition and has given away MacBooks and iPads […]