Now this is called a major mistake – apparently, a robot whose sole purpose is to remove them nasty jellyfish from our waters could end up doing the exact opposite, that is, by ending up with more jellyfish than before. What you see above happens to be JEROS, also known as the Jellyfish Elimination Robotic Swarm, which is currently being tested before it is commercially released. A team of engineers over at South Korea has come up with JEROS, where it was designed to get rid of jellyfish swarms. Making use of a camera and GPS system in order to determine where the jellyfish swarms are underwater, it will then make a move in the right direction, where a huge net underneath it gathers the jellyfish before a special propeller is meant to make short work of them.

Unfortunately, according to Robert Condon, a research scientist with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab who studies jellyfish, he claims that the JEROS the jellyfish-destruction robot could eventually end up creating additional jellyfish. It might kill the jellyfish, but it does not do a good enough job to destroy the jellyfish’s eggs and sperm. Rather, it mixes it all up in one spot, which in turn increases the chance of them discovering each other. Talk about returning with a vengeance!

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