carnevilHalloween is about to happen in slightly more than a week’s time, and for those who love to be on the receiving end of a good scare themselves, you might be interested in checking out the Carnevil haunted house that is located at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. What makes the Carnevil haunted house different from the rest that you have attended to date? Well, it will feature a sophisticated ELAN g! control system that will tie in with professional-grade speakers, subwoofers, surveillance cameras and LED lights, where all of them will work in tandem in order to recreate a truly pants wetting, frightening tour.

It starts from the first step all the way to the final terrifying moments before the tour is completed, and every shriek, moan, flickering light and earth-rumbling anomaly has been specially choreographed to maximize the fright factor. We are talking about 1,5000 square feet of scariness, and it is controlled by the ELAN g! mobile app on several iPads. The system makes it a snap to quickly monitor and adjust 16 MP3 players, over 40 speakers, a half-dozen subwoofers, more than 1,000 LED lights (where some of them are colored), and 16 surveillance cameras. When was the last time you walked into a haunted house and scared yourself silly?

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