We recently reviewed the Dell XPS 12, which is a hybrid ultrabook that allows you to use the machine in a number of ways thanks to its flippable display. It seems one of Dell’s previously released laptops, the Latitude E6430u to be exact, has been gaining some attention for one of its unique features: the smell of cat urine.

According to a number of Dell forum users, the Latitude E6430u supposedly has a strong aroma that is similar to the smell of cat urine. The problem has gained so much attention that Dell had to address the issue, which they say was caused by a “manufacturing process that has now been changed,” although it isn’t in any way “related to biological contamination.” Dell assures its customers they have tested the Latitude E6430u and can confirm 100% its parts weren’t contaminated by a biological agent.

The issue of the stinky laptop has been going on since June as Dell’s response to these reports have been to remove and clean the keyboard of the laptop. Complaints increased in August, which lead Dell to request several customers ship their laptops to Dell to be analyzed, which the results determined there were no health risks. Thankfully, Dell will now be changing how they manufacture the E6430u, although this could certainly be seen as a bad thing for those who enjoy the smell of cat urine all the time.

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