Robots might be fantastic when it comes to repetitive tasks, especially those that require a whole lot of concentration. After all, robots do not get tired, and neither will they go on strike just like the government in some countries. If they decide to disobey you, just threaten to pull their plug, and upload a more compliant algorithm, and you’re good to go yet again. Well, when it comes to art, robots too, would be a wee bit more difficult in churning out work on the artistic front.

However, Limor Schweitzer, founder & director at Robosavvy, begs to differ with the introduction of a certain “Fonzie”, known as a dancing robot. Fonzie is being researched and developed even further so that it could be used as a research platform for human-robot interaction. Enjoy the video above, and who knows? We might just end up checking out a robotic competitor on America’s Got Talent one of these days. Do you think that something like that would eventually happen?

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