fox-news-deckWhat you see above is actually a snapshot of a video that depicted a certain Shepard Smith making a tour of the Fox News deck, and boy is it a drool-worthy experience that would make even the most technologically phobic person feel this skip in his or her her that has never been felt before. After all, who would not want to have large 55” touchscreen displays as their workstation of choice?

Fox’s new News Deck will also sport a “Twitter wall”, so to speak, and you should be able to figure out just what is it used for – to display tweets by folks who are avid fans of Fox News’ network as they share their two cents with the rest of the world. How soon will the Fox News employees get used to this particular setup? Certainly it is a step in the right direction, where the newsroom itself has been transformed into a futuristic setting that could very well be mistaken for the command deck of a certain U.S.S. Enterprise.

Good to see that these 55” displays come with what might be deemed as a decent viewing angle, so one needs not have to worry about stuff like glare. What would you do to get a job with such a high-tech layout?

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