ghe-orescue-Americans love their muscle cars, and while the Hummer is an extremely imposing vehicle by any means, the folks over at Ghe-O Motors might have a far more terrifying prospect on the road – as well as off it, too. We are talking about the Ghe-O Rescue, which is a vessel that can carry up to 11 full sized adults through mud, snow, water and just about anything that is in their way. I suppose if we were to live in medieval times, this would be the transportation of choice to cross moats when one wants to invade a castle, just make sure that the castle’s defenders do not light up the moat in fire beforehand.

The Ghe-O Rescue is powerful enough to tow a Land Rover out of the snow, where it was specially designed to support rescue, fire, military and medical operations regardless of the terrain and weather condition. The gas engines that accompany it will be available in the 340- to 500-bhp range while diesels are in the 218- to 304-bhp range. You can also equip the Rescue with a range of job-specific accessories, and everything sounds so good, that we are looking forward to official pricing information which has yet to be divulged.

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