mobilemeterWord on the street has it that Google is currently working on a Mobile Meter app that will cater for two platforms – Android and iOS (hmmm, Windows Phone as well as BlackBerry OS are missing), where this app’s purpose for existence would be to have it collect usage data from mobile users of the platforms, and to offer rewards in return. Will the cost/reward ratio be decent enough for users to want to be tracked? That remains to be seen, but let us hear more about what the Google Mobile Meter app is all about.

Most of us should know by now that Google already has a large volume of user-specific data that they could mine in order to improve algorithms as well as targeted ads for end-users. It seems as though the Internet search giant would like to experience deeper usage statistics this time around, and in order to keep these users happy for using their data, there will be rewards in store. It is said that this app will be completely on a voluntary basis, but how many folks would have the currency of trust with Google considering all that had happened in the past? Would you want to sign up for the Mobile Meter app?

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